SPF, which means Sender Policy Framework, is an e-mail security system, that is employed to confirm whether an email message is sent by an authorized server. Using SPF protection for a particular domain name will prevent the counterfeiting of emails generated with the domain. In layman's terms: enabling this attribute for a domain name creates a special record in the Domain Name System (DNS) containing the IP addresses of the servers which are permitted to send e-mail messages from mailboxes using the domain. When this record propagates globally, it will exist on all DNS servers that direct the Internet traffic. Every time some email message is sent, the first DNS server it uses tests if it comes from an accredited server. If it does, it is forwarded to the destination address, however when it doesn't originate from a server indexed in the SPF record for the domain, it's discarded. In this way nobody will mask an email address then make it appear as if you're e-mailing spam messages. This approach is also referred to as email spoofing.

SPF Protection in Website Hosting

The SPF protection function is provided as standard with each and every website hosting package that we supply and you are able to use it without difficulty so that you can secure the e-mails for each domain name hosted within your account. The service is managed through the Emails section of our innovative, albeit easy to work with Hepsia Control Panel. All you need to enable the protection is to type in the IP address of the mail server plus its hostname - mail.server.com, for instance. Once the protection is active, only this server will be able to send e-mail messages from emails generated under the domain name that you've picked. Your e-mails may be handled by some other company, but in case that we manage them along with your site, you can activate the option for e-mails to be sent only when the domain features our MX records. This selection will provide you with superior protection as only our server will be permitted to send out emails from your mailboxes and you'll have better control. When you have any kind of questions or in case you experience any difficulties with this particular service, you can contact our tech support team anytime and they'll assist you in a timely manner.

SPF Protection in Semi-dedicated Servers

The SPF protection feature is available with all of the semi-dedicated hosting plans, so if you host your domain names in an account on our cloud web hosting platform, you can use the service easily for all your domain names. The Hepsia Control Panel, which comes with the semi-dedicated accounts, offers a quite intuitive interface, therefore you won't need to be tech-savvy to protected your e-mails. You'll simply need to type the hostname and the IP address of each mail server that you would like to be allowed to send emails from your addresses and right after that the new record will be active for the domain that you have picked. As an additional option, we'll also give you the ability to limit the outgoing e-mail messages and secure your mailboxes even better by allowing emails to be sent only when the domain in question includes our MX records i.e. the e-mail messages for the domain name need to be taken care of here and not by a different provider. Doing so you'll have even better control and there will not be a chance for anyone to counterfeit your emails for harmful intentions.